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Straighten and align teeth, without metal brackets or wires. Whether you want to tweak the position of one tooth, or completely revise your bite, Invisalign is a great options for patients of all ages.


Treatment Process

We start each Invisalign case by first understanding each patient's treatment goals and desired outcomes so that we achieve a result everyone is happy with! We then take digital scans and photos--we are proud to offer fully digital impressions with the iTero scanner, so no goopy impressions. Once we send the records, it take a few weeks before the case returns to our office and we can start treatment. Most of the time, some engagers or "buttons" must be bonded onto the surface of some teeth for better movement. These are small invisible shapes of composite that are polished off once finished. We see patients for check-ins every 4-6 weeks, or as needed depending on the case; most are completed in 6-12 months.

Conservative Esthetics

We very often use Invisalign treatment in conjunction with restorative smile design cases. This allows treat fewer teeth with veneers or bonding and we can be more conservative with our tooth preparations. In this case, we did some Invisalign and achieved this stunning result by doing composite bonding on only three teeth. Minimally invasive esthetics!

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