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Comprehensive Care

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile

As a wellness-centered practice, we emphasize the prevention of dental and gum disease as the best method for total health and overall well-being. Our goal for each patient is to create and maintain a healthy oral condition, taking into consideration more than just teeth and gums. The jaw joints, muscles, occlusion, dietary habits, and underlying systemic conditions must be evaluated to tailor-make each patient’s plan to achieving overall health.

We are proud to have expertise in cosmetic and implant dentistry, but also have excellent general dentistry services. Routine cleanings and check-ups are imperative to maintaining good oral health. Telluride and most of the surrounding communities do not have fluoride in the water supply--this dramatically raises the risk of decay and makes routine dental care even more important. Ask us about our in-house membership plan to make dentistry without insurance more affordable. 

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