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Botox Cosmetic

Botox injections block certain chemical signals that tell muscles to contract. This mechanism can be used cosmetically and therapeutically to achieve several desirable outcomes. Esthetically, Botox is injected into the facial muscles to deactivate the muscle pulls that cause lines and wrinkles. Each patient is different when it comes to where and how much Botox is needed to achieve their preferred look. In addition, everyone metabolizes Botox at a different rate. In general, it should be re-administered every 3-4 months. The more you keep up with it, the fewer units you will need to maintain!

Botox for Jaw Pain

Botox can also be used therapeutically in patients with jaw/joint pain and heavy clenchers. It is injected directly into the masseter muscles, the primary jaw closers on each side of the mandible. Our goal is to shut down some, but not all, of the masseter muscle function in order to provide pain relief without losing chewing capacity. Botox for TMD related symptoms is usually reserved as a treatment option if an occlusal splint or night guard has first proven ineffective. Ask us if Botox therapy might be right for you! 

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