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Sleep Apnea Appliances

We are treating sleep apnea on a regular basis. this is an alternative to cpap machines. The two types of appliances we use are the EMA appliance and the Silent Nite.


Testimonial from one of Dr. Grady's patients: 


"In my experience, for snorers or those having been identified as having obstructive sleep apnea, there is a better plan of action than what the medical community has labeled as the "gold standard" of care. CPAP's have worked for many, but for me, the months it took to gain insurance authorization, followed by the months of trying, and failing, to tolerate hoses and masks, the recommended first process was frustrating to say the least. After aborting the CPAP mission, I promptly contacted Dr. Grady to see if mandibular advancement devices had produced positive results for any of his patients in the past. A promising response lead to a mold being created the following week, and in only two weeks the device was in use. Though like anything new, wearing what feels like your hockey mouth guard to sleep takes some getting used to. However, in short order I clearly noticed improvement, and compared to the inconvenient, impractical and borderline degrading CPAP program, a simple mouthpiece does not change lifestyle at all. Why mandibular advancement devices are not standard protocol for the first line of defense is simply beyond me." -Nick F.

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